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Practice Refactoring Patterns Together

Every wednesday at 13:00h Amsterdam time on Google Meet

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Come find us on the Code for NL Slack channel #cleaningmob

It's fun to code. It's fun to learn from peers. And we all love open source projects. What if we combine maintenance of open source projects with peer learning?

The Cleaning Mob does Weekly mob programming kata's on open source code bases. We discuss a piece of code. We discuss the ways this code could be better, for example using principles from Clean Code, Design Patterns and Refactoring. We then make one or two refactorings, and submit a pull request.

We bring our expertise. We take home our learnings. And we improve the code bases we love as a collateral benefit.

There are many tricks for iterative code improvements. Most of us know only few. But together we know them all. So let's learn!


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